Uses for Gravel

Proper Grading

It’s common knowledge that water in, or around your home/property can cause damage. Proper grading away from your building/s is essential for longevity. As time moves forward and nature takes its toll, an improper grading can cause water to pool, or erode the medium your home sits on.

One of the most common areas one would find this problem, is near or on their driveway. Gravel or not, over the years the constant pressure and weight from driving & parking a vehicle, will cause ruts. These ruts are a perfect area for water to pool; then in the winter, they will freeze causing further damage by the frost heave. These circumstances are ripe; much like the domino effect, having one problem after another is not only frustrating, but expensive.

So what’s a person to do?

The Solution

Not only a simple solution, but an inexpensive one is the use of gravel. Any “do-it-yourself-er” can spread and fill in areas that can direct, or displace water away from your property. Not only are you doing your structure a favour, but a freshly compacted driveway always looks the best! Typically for driveways, you would want crushed rock (gravel) no bigger than 3/4 of an inch. This compresses nicely and leads to a solid and flat surface to use if done correctly, and will last for years!

Other Uses

Gravel is a dynamic medium. landscapers use it for flower beds, retaining walls, and even pathways. Its main purpose is to allow water to drain. A poorly made retaining wall will look as if it is falling over. This is due to the pressures the wall needs to support. Having a medium like topsoil, that retains water, without a means of drainage can compound the pressures the retaining wall needs to hold. Especially in areas of colder (freezing) climate. The added expansion from the freezing water will cause expensive damage, and will cut down on the life of this type of infrastructure.

An excellent made retaining wall will have drainage throughout where it is retaining, but also, most importantly, at the base/foundation. Larger aggregate gravel is best suited for this job. It not only will be strong enough to hold up the medium on top of it, but will allow water to trickle through it, to allow drainage.

Where do I get it?

Typically one could find small loads of gravel at your local landscaping store. This is a great resource for small volumes that can typically fit into the trunk of your car, or in the bed of a truck. For larger projects where you would need a ton or more, it would be advantageous to hire delivery. One would be able to get a hire volume of rock through the use of bulk discounts that a local contractor can pass on to you. So rather than spend your money on retail caused rock, where you’d have the risk of damaging your car, or truck; hire a company like us (CanStar) to deliver what you need. We offer great rates with free delivery within the Fredericton, New Brunswick city limits!