Priority Snow Removal

The winter months can be a bummer for a lot of people. Combined with a long work day, the last thing you want to do is get out into the cold and heave heavey, sometimes wet, snow off your driveway. Especially before an early work day!

Studies have shown shovelling snow can strain the heart enough to cause a heart attack. Shovelling, even pushing a heavy snow blower, can cause sudden increase in blood pressure and heart rate; combined with the cold air, it can cause constriction of the blood vessel and decrease oxygen to the heart. All these work in concert to increase the work of the heart and trigger a potentially fatal heart attack.

So what’s a person to do?

Priority Snow Removal

Finding balance in your life doesn’t need to be hard. A reliable snow removal contractor will have options for you to ensure you can get to work on time; even through a particularly heavy storm. A fantastic contractor will have a fee structure that incorporates peak demand. Have you ever seen the city plow go by just moments before you leave for work, piling all the snow from the street at the end of your driveway? If you had a priority package from an efficient snow removal contractor, you wouldn’t have to worry!



Typically between 5:00am and 10:00am is the busiest window for when a household wants the snow removed from their driveway. At this time people are usually heading to school, the gym, or work. Having peace of mind knowing that your schedule won’t be interrupted by a snow storm is true convenience! This will come at a cost; typically a premium will be charged over a base rate.

No matter what your needs are, finding a reputable snow removal contractor in Fredericton, New Brunswick isn’t hard. Contact us today for your quote!