Eviction: The process in N.B.

Evicting a tenant is an unpleasant thing for any landlord or property manager. Eviction is a legal process that must be carried out very specifically.

A tenant, in New Brunswick, can be evicted for any number of reasons. Failure to pay rent on time, not properly maintaining the inside of your dwelling, and so forth. There are six key steps to properly evicting a tenant.

The process:

The first step is a written notice. These can be found at the Rentalsman office or through Service New Brunswick. A landlord must issue this “Notice of Termination” in order to begin the process. This notice will have a date for the tenant to vacate the property.

If the tenant does not move out on that scheduled date, the landlord should then confirm without a doubt the tenant has not vacated the property. They can then file through to the Rentalsman for an order.

This will lead to an investigation by the Rentalsman. The Rentalsman can contact the tenant to notify them of the eviction notice. The Rentalsman will issue a time and date for response, this will give the tenant the opportunity to voice any reason or evidence for why the notice should not move forward.

However, if the tenant does not respond, the Rentalsman will move forward with the eviction order. They will decide when this execution of eviction will take place. If an eviction order is put in place, there will be remittance form that should be dropped off at any Service New Brunswick location. It costs $75.

The notice will then be sent to the sheriff. When they are ready to remove the tenant from the property, they will contact the landlord and they will be there to supervise the eviction, changing of locks and removal of a tenant if necessary.
They will post a notice of eviction on the door and it will state the landlord has repossessed the property.

These rules are specific to New Brunswick, be sure to check local ordinance regarding eviction. All orders must go through the Rentalsman.