Roof: Snow Removal Is Necessary

Snow removal is a huge part of the snowy season. But what about your roof? It is only capable of holding so much weight. According to various homes and safety organizations, a roof can only handle 20 pounds per square foot.

This amount of weight can range based on the size of your home. The structure of your home can be severely compromised if you do not tend to what’s weighing on it.

Recently, according to the Daily Gleaner, a business had a collapse due to too much weight on their structure. This could have been the combination of many things. Let’s examine what could have caused it.

The weight on your roof

Your roof is built to handle many things; storms and snow alike. Once the weight of the snow gets to be over 20 pounds per square foot, you’re looking at the possibility of collapse.

Multiply that amount by the square footage of your roof and that’s how much snow is weighing it down. Excess uncleared snow will cause your roof to collapse. It will be costly as the damage will be severe. Including a rebuild of your home.

Water Logged

After a day in the sun, or even milder temperatures, the snow will melt some. While shingles provide some barrier protection, double-digit pounds can really soak through many layers.

Once the water seeps under the shingles, it compromises the inside of your house. It can leak through and cause water drips. Increased temperatures inside the home is a culprit as well; as heat rises, it will melt the snow from underneath.

How To Fix It

The solution is quite simple. You have to remove the snow. Snow removal from your roof should be done by a professional. This way you can be assured that the removal is done right.

Risking damage to the house by a non-professional is as bad as allowing it to weigh on your home.
Professionals will use a removal tool to bring the snow down off of the roof and then clear it away. This will prevent it from causing damage to the roof, rafters or your entire home.