Budget Decorating Tips For Home

Decorating your home can be hard if you’re on a budget. Home decorations and home furnishings can be very expensive. But there are great ways to improve the style of your home without draining your wallet. But, how can you do that?


Paint an accent wall. It’s an affordable way to bright and bring life to your home. Paint is relatively inexpensive, keeping to your budget might be a delicate balance with this one. Two cans of paint cost roughly $30 and 2.5 litres will cover 260 sq. ft. The best brand to buy is BEHR Marquee, it’s a quality paint that you don’t need a primer coat, saving you some extra money. It’s a simple fix that can create a warm and welcoming space. It’s important to pick a colour that accents other things in that room. Painting an accent wall might be challenge, but how about getting rid of some things?


Get rid of unsightly things. Before you begin to think about new things for your home, you should consider de-cluttering your space and getting rid of all the unsightly stuff that takes away from the sophistication of your home. Anything that’s damage, worn or dated can be tossed. Something most rental apartment buildings have are vertical blinds. Not the most attractive thing to have in your home, but there is a solution. So, something you can do to eliminate the dated vertical blinds are cloth curtains. Wal-Mart has relatively inexpensive heat-retaining cloth curtains to help you give a pop of colour to any space. Don’t know what a good price is for new items, our next tip will help.


Of course there are things we would all like to buy for our home. So, if you’re living on a budget buying expensive furnishing can be impossible. Many websites will alert you when things you want go on sale. Overstock.com, Amazon, and Macy’s are all companies who will send you out alerts when you’re wishlist items go on sale. Often, it’s about treating yourself.


Do-it-yourself. Sometimes the best way to decorate your home is to do it yourself. It also creates a great personal touch. And, of course, you always get the ability to say, well, I made that myself. There is a range of do-it-yourself projects. From high transformation of furniture to simple storage creation, but great ideas come from small inclinations. Sometimes that makes for great DIY is mason jars. They are a simple object that also your to create different things for your home. Sometimes transforming a space requires customization, which is prefect for our next tip.


It’s important to make your home your space. There are small ways you can add touches to your home to make it personal. Perhaps you have a dated coffee table. A few chips in the paint. Try re-painting the table, and get a sparkling accent colour for the edges to add a great touch. Other ways are small clear dishes filled with beautifully coloured rocks, or sand. Customizing is the perfect way to say welcome to my space, but what about where to find these items?


Hit up garage sales. Garage sales can be gold mines for old things and even new things. One mans junk is another man’s treasure. Many people have their yard sales on Saturday and Sunday. So, the best way to find out where they are is online. Plan a map Friday night before you intend to head out. So, this map will help you get to as many yard sale places as you need. You never know what you will find at a yard sale. And anything can be transformed into something beautiful.